8. 8. 2006 | 10:52 

Phrasal Verbs I

Spend a bit of time conversing with a native English speaker, and you’ll discover a whole new set of ‘verbs’, with their own meanings, called phrasal verbs. A phrasal verb is a base verb combined with a preposition or an adverb, or sometimes both. They tend to be informal and are used more commonly in spoken English. With some exceptions, there is often a more formal word with the same meaning in written English. For example: Spoken: He was put off by her rude behaviour. Written: He was sickened by her rude behaviour. Sometimes a phrasal verb has a similar meaning to the base verb, and the adverb merely emphasizes or clarifies the verb, such as: lie down, hurry up, and fall down. More often, however, a phrasal verb has quite a different meaning from the base verb, such as get by (manage), put out (extinguish) and run out of (finished; used it all). For this reason, it is important to add them to your vocabulary. One more note about phrasal verbs – they often have more than one meaning, so it is important to understand the context it is being used in. For example: Please take off (remove) you shoes before coming in. The plane will take off (leave the ground) at 7 a.m. Complete the sentences below with the correct phrasal verb for each verb in parentheses.  

16. 5. 2006 | 13:25 

Careers Vocabulary

Often there are problems in using English expressions when talking about careers. Some words have completely different meanings from similar appearing counterparts in Czech. Also other words and especially phrasal words cannot be translated word for word; they are structured as fixed phrases with a bonded structure just like any idiom. Try these phrases and see how these phrases vary from what you would expect.  

9. 8. 2005 | 16:08 

Management crisis

When it comes to management crises it's critical to get the tone right. It can be easy to overstate or understate the problem and accidentally mislead people about the nature of the situation. See if you can grade the language of disagreement in this test. 

3. 6. 2005 | 16:29 

Management styles

There is a huge range of different management styles to choose from. Some are more obscure than others, but all of them have some good ideas. Test your knowledge of the world of management styles. 

10. 5. 2005 | 13:04 

Phrasal Verbs

Dealing with the public can be a real race against time. Making snap decisions, and always being on your toes is one thing, but having the right word on the tip of your tongue is sometimes even more demanding.  

10. 5. 2005 | 10:53 

Time Prepositions and Time Expressions

In the modern business world, time is an increasingly valuable resource. Using it effectively can be the difference between success and failure,... 

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The following sentences focus on vocabulary you need for reporting events in your company. Start the Exercise >> This language test is brought... 
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