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28. 7. 2012 | 12:34 

Telephoning across cultures

Are you scared of making calls in English? Then you could probably make use of our suggestions... 

17. 10. 2005 | 18:15 

Strike the right tone!

When you are on the telephone, a major consideration is the tone you put across to your caller; how responsive or polite you seem to someone on the other end of the line. Some people would rather deal with an automated answering service with its long waits and unending music than talk to an abrupt receptionist with a bad attitude.  

4. 6. 2005 | 18:52 

Telephoning practice II

Dealing with the public on the phone can be a real race against time. Two calls waiting, three calls coming in, and one caller who just won’t hang up. It’s a lot of stress. Making conversations “short but sweet” can be hard but not completely impossible. Phrasal verbs can shorten things up nicely without making you sound too abrupt. Phrasal verbs are good for those snappy confirmations about things you’ve just talked about, or whose context is clear. The problem, though, is that silly preposition; one false choice in this, and your intended meaning goes off in the wrong direction. So imagine you’re at your help line. Your first customer rings in with a problem. Do you feel “up” to the challenge, or just “down and out?” Here we go… 

4. 6. 2005 | 18:03 

Telephoning practice

On the telephone there are often better, best, and bad was of saying things to the customer. Often our choice of phrase conveys a feeling or a point that we might not mean, simply because over the phone we do not have the advatage of relying on expressions and body language. So we have a few common situations from normal, everyday phone calls, one is acceptable, one is best, and one is downright bad. Why settle for acceptable, isn´t that for the competition? 

15. 2. 2005 | 10:40 

Secretaries and telephoning

Secretaries... Love them or fear them, the fact remains that they are a vital part of the modern office environment. Today, their job may go beyond... 

14. 2. 2005 | 19:59 


You often need to arrange meetings with your business partner on the phone. There are many fixed phrases that are frequently used in making phone... 
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