Rubrika: Meetings

14. 11. 2005 | 16:17 

Practice your meeting skills

In meetings we don't always say what we mean. Positive sounding words, softening or qualifying language, stressed words; it can be very confusing if you are not used to it. Practice your business meeting skills by choosing the best answers in the situations below. If you get an answer wrong just tell your manager; "I'm afraid that perhaps I may have had a slight difficulty in understanding the required response to the aforementioned query." 

4. 6. 2005 | 22:34 

Meeting basics

We've all sat through countless meetings. Try our new quiz and improve your vocabulary. You can find more information at:  

4. 6. 2005 | 22:05 

How to excuse?

The English are not very good at saying ‘no’, in fact it is almost rude to say ‘no’. So how do we avoid doing things we don’t want to do? We make excuses. Match the excuses with the social situation. 

4. 6. 2005 | 20:43 

Talking about meetings

Meetings – a pleasure or a necessary evil? Whatever you think about them, you probably have to arrange and go to quite a few. Here are verbs that go with ‘meeting’ and that we use when arranging or talking about meetings. Choose the correct verb in each case. 

14. 2. 2005 | 20:32 


At meetings, people often need to express their opinions and ideas to find the best solutions to problems. At the same time, they also need to show... 
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