Rubrika: Customer service

9. 2. 2006 | 12:57 

How not to serve the public!

Many businesses provide similar products and services at similar prices. How they provide customer service can make the difference between success and failure. Customer service means making the customer feel special and important; so special and important that they will want to return and buy more. Imagine you are working in a shop. You are talking to a colleague about what you did last night when a customer approaches the counter.  

4. 6. 2005 | 22:18 

Customer Service Quiz

In sophisticated economies, merchants recognize that customer service cannot be ignored. Excellent customer service can often be the determining factor in the long-term. Use our new quiz on customer service. 

4. 6. 2005 | 19:30 

The customer is always right

In today’s business world, it is not enough to a have a good product or service. To be successful, you must also have an edge on the competition. That is why many companies are now focusing on the one thing that keeps their customers happy, and maybe more importantly, loyal. And that is Customer Service. Take this quiz to see if you are “in the know” when it comes to handling most important aspect of any business—the customer—and the complaints that even the most successful business gets! 

4. 6. 2005 | 18:59 

Customer services in practice

Believe it or not, that friendly voice you use may be the one thing that maintains customer loyalty. The person who greets customers with a monotone and one – syllable answer will probably turn off more prospective return customers than a faulty piece of merchandise. Although many companies choose to employ computers rather than people as the first line of contact with the customer, the simple fact remains: people want to talk to people. And people respond to respect, cheerfulness and simple kindness. These are the qualities which ensure customer loyalty. For helpful ideas on this, check out “Tips for Secretaries” in the 02/05 edition of Business Spotlight and try our questionnaire. 

4. 6. 2005 | 18:48 

The Right Way & Wrong Way

A man calls up a computer company. He wants to buy some goods and needs some assistance from the call centre representative, for he is not exactly sure what the company has in stock. The rep picks up the phone, apparently ready to serve him. Their conversation goes like this: Customer: Hello. This is Mark Jones from Gyrotec Info Service. Could you help me, please? I’m looking for a multi-port ASO-133 connector. Shop assistant: Sorry, I have another call right now. I’m putting you on hold. Oh, hi Marie, it’s you! Haven’t heard from you for a long time…. This is an example of how not to conduct a sale over the phone. In this exercise we will look at the best ways to answer customers’ calls, and to offer them help. 

15. 2. 2005 | 10:40 

Tips for secretaries!

Letter writing is a big and important part of a secretary’s job, but not necessarily the most enjoyable one! Professional correspondence is very... 

14. 2. 2005 | 19:44 

Customer Service

Customer service deals with questions and problems that customers have. Providing good customer service is essential for a company´s good reputation.... 
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