Don’t say: Tom has got any wine.

Say: Tom has got some wine.

Don’t say: There aren’t some newspapers on the shelf.

Say: There aren’t any newspapers on the shelf.


! We use some in affirmative sentences (kladné věty) and sometimes in questions Would you like some wine? We use any in negative and question phrases (zápor a otázky).



 Use some or any in these sentences.

  1. I bought ______ new CDs in New York.

  2. There aren’t _______ books on the table.

  3. Have you got ______ brothers or sisters?

  4. Did you buy ______ clothes during the winter sale?

  5. Have you got _____ e-mails from your boss this morning?


KEY: 1. some, 2. any, 3. any, 4. any, 5. any

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