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29. 3. 2012 | 00:00 

Costa Concordia captain 'ordered crew to lie to coastguards'

Hearing told skipper Francesco Schettino was not wearing his glasses and could not see the radar properly 

10. 10. 2010 | 21:34 

A common language?

Two different species of dolphin may have learned to communicate in a common language. 

5. 6. 2010 | 11:47 

Talk of Hungary default "wildly exaggerated"

The European Union's top economy official on Saturday dismissed talk that Hungary was about to tumble into default, saying its economy was on the way to recovery. 

20. 3. 2010 | 13:06 

Cutting back and selling out?

This week, we look at press comment on cutbacks in Britain and on the potential hazards of foreign investment in key Canadian industries. 

10. 2. 2010 | 17:39 

U.S. Treasury sanctions Iranian construction firms

The U.S. Treasury Department on Wednesday imposed sanctions against four subsidiaries and the commander of the construction arm of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. 

20. 12. 2009 | 17:27 

Incoming Romanian PM sets cabinet to calm markets

Romanian Prime Minister-designate Emil Boc unveiled a centrist cabinet on Sunday aimed at reassuring international lenders propping up Romania's shaky economy. 

2. 12. 2009 | 16:48 

France's ruling party wants more women on boards

France's ruling UMP party presented a bill to parliament on Wednesday stipulating that at least half of all company board members should be women within five years. 

11. 10. 2009 | 17:59 

Czech president wants strong guarantee on EU treaty

Czech President Vaclav Klaus will demand a strong and binding guarantee that the EU's Lisbon Treaty does not destabilise property rights before he signs the pact. 

30. 8. 2009 | 21:00 

Merkel loses ground to left in German states

BERLIN, Aug 30 (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party suffered losses in regional elections on Sunday, a disappointment that could hurt... 

27. 6. 2009 | 19:33 

Fears CO2 cuts hurt economy exaggerated

Fears that deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions will harm the economy are exaggerated but Washington's ability to cut is limited by political pragmatism, the U.N. climate panel chief said on Monday. 

15. 5. 2009 | 17:18 

EU states seen blocking 500 mln euro aid facility

EU states are expected to block a push by the EU executive to release 500 million euros in aid to support developing countries hit by the global recession. 

16. 4. 2009 | 22:01 

EU countries should decide more on state aid at EC's expense

Member states of the EU should have a bigger right to decide at a national level about public support at the expense of the current powers of the European Commission, says Czech antitrust office deputy chairman Kamil Rudolecky. 

25. 3. 2009 | 19:06 

Dutch govt agrees stimulus totalling 17.5 bln euros

The Dutch government has approved a stimulus package to cope with the heaviest recession since World War Two. 

22. 2. 2009 | 10:20 

Market fears of deflation abate

A funny thing happened on the road to deflation: the bond market decided it is not becoming more likely. 

11. 2. 2009 | 21:18 

Crisis means more child soldiers in Colombia

Global financial turmoil could drive more children to become fighters for Colombia's rebel groups as the country's poorest people suffer the fallout of the economic slowdown. 

9. 12. 2008 | 21:10 

Developing economies to slow sharply

The international financial crisis is set to sharply slow growth in emerging and developing economies next year. 

22. 11. 2008 | 21:42 

Annan, Carter say barred from Zimbabwe

Kofi Annan and Jimmy Carter claim they have been barred from Zimbabwe. 

9. 11. 2008 | 11:01 

Obama and China's Hu exchange views on Taiwan, other issues

China's President Hu Jintao told U.S. President-elect Barack Obama had their first telephone conversation. 

24. 10. 2008 | 10:07 

German manufacturing slumps in October

Germany's manufacturing sector contracted in October at its fastest rate in over seven years, suffering from a sharp decline in new business that also hit the services industry. 

17. 9. 2008 | 19:10 

Red Cross begins food distribution in Zimbabwe

Red Cross begins food distribution in Zimbabwe amid hopes for better future. 
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