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  • zamčenoMicrosoft's Bid to Push the Xbox Beyond Gaming

    Xbox One

    23.5. 07:40 |

    By Ashlee Vance, Bloomberg Businessweek “This must be what it feels like on your wedding day,” says the young man in the hotel elevator....

    zamčenoThe Rise of the Crafty Hipster


    15.5. 11:50 |

    How knitting, baking, and raising chickens became cool.


    zamčenoWho Lives Longest?

    The New York Times obituaries – interesting data source for a study

    5.5. 09:53 |

    Healthy, wealthy and famous.

    zamčenoIt's Getting Harder to Make Money on YouTube

    Videobloggers from across the country learn how to use production equipment at YouTube Space LA, a free facility created by Google to pamper its hardcore fans.

    23.4. 04:54 |

    By Anita Hamilton, Bloomberg Businessweek Despite success stories about YouTube sensations such as Jenna Marbles, the vast majority of the...

    zamčenoHacking an Airplane With Only an Android Phone

    Flight management system of an aircraft

    14.4. 09:31 |

    So it looks like someone could hack a jetliner. With an Android smartphone. Awesome.

    zamčenoGoths, punks: we are all the same

    Punks – one of many tribes

    6.4. 15:21 |

    How we define a hate crime is changing, but the scapegoating of groups for political ends goes on

    zamčenoRaise a glass of clean water to John Snow

    John Snow pub in Broadwick Street

    18.3. 11:19 |

    Two hundred years after his birth, we owe much to the London doctor who discovered the cause of cholera

    zamčenoInvestors Seek Ways to Profit From Global Warming

    Melting glaciers open space for minerals exploration

    7.3. 16:31 |

    Investing in climate change used to mean putting money into efforts to stop global warming

    zamčenoMayer culpa

    Marissa Mayer

    1.3. 10:05 |

    Forcing workers to come into the office is a symptom of Yahoo’s problems, not a solution to them

    zamčenoWhy is women's labour force participation dropping?

    Indian women's labour force participation is decreasing

    19.2. 10:49 |

    More women in India of working age are enrolling in secondary school but that is only one reason why the number of women who are either working or...

    zamčenoAn Aging Population May Be What the World Needs

    The population is aging

    9.2. 12:44 |

    By Charles Kenny, Bloomberg Businessweek Americans just don’t make babies like they used to. The U.S. birthrate is the lowest in nearly a...

    zamčenoAgatha Christie was investigated by MI5 over Bletchley Park mystery

    Agatha Christie: the name she gave to a character in her wartime novel – Major Bletchley – aroused MI5's suspicions that she had inside knowledge of codebreaking operations.

    4.2. 11:57 |

    Intelligence chiefs feared crime writer had a spy in Britain's top-secret codebreaking centre during second world war

    zamčenoIn Dubai, Services and Exports Drive a New Boom

    Jumeirah Beach in Dubai

    28.1. 11:53 |

    By Dana El Baltaji, Bloomberg Businessweek Rewa Zeinati, a freelance writer in Dubai, has noticed more business cards with photos of scantily clad...

    zamčenoEnglish proficiency falls behind

    Turistů v ubytovacích zařízeních v Česku přibylo o 13,9 procenta.

    12.1. 11:18 |

    EF Education First announced today the results of a global study revealing that English language competencies of country workforces are worse than...

    zamčenoThe Ray Kurzweil Show, Now at the Googleplex

    Ray Kurzweil at Google

    28.12. 18:57 |

    Among the stranger things Ray Kurzweil will say to your face is that he intends to bring his father back to life.